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About Us

General Information

NASSA stands for the "National Association of Shooting Sports Athletes". It was founded by E.C. "Coach" Wong, Assistant Pistol Coach to Erich Buljung, National Pistol Coach for the U.S. shooting team, which is based at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We hold training sessions every Tuesday evening from 7pm-9pm and the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 9am-11am in the Air Gun range at the Dallas Pistol Club (directions).


Our motto is: "Dedicated To The Pursuit Of Excellence In Today's Shooting Athletes"

The National Association of Shooting Sports Athletes is a national club which is dedicated to developing the skills of all shooters - especially juniors - in the international shooting sports. We are a family oriented club, which is composed of athletes, coaches, parents, and others who are dedicated to the pursuit of shooting excellence.

In years past, shooting has long been popular on the Olympic scene. In fact, only International Boxing and Track have been in more demand.

Only here in America has competitive shooting been placed in an unfavorable light, and something must be done to foster the "Olympic Dream" in today's shooting athlete. NASSA's goal is to help each shooter attempt to achieve Olympic Gold.

NASSA was designed to:
  • Reduce shooting sports related expenses for its members.
  • Provide training for shooting sports athletes.
  • Promote and monitor quality competition between individuals, teams and clubs.

Do you have a dream?

Juniors in the shooting sports find it increasingly difficult to get the support and reward in the quest to "be somebody" in the world of shooting. It is NASSA's goal to provide a full range of services to all shooters - especially juniors - in: coaching, competition, support, training and club development.

...with help from the right people, it's possible to achieve.

NASSA's membership and staff consist of shooters (with skill levels ranging from beginner to Olympian), parents, coaches, and shooting enthusiasts. Everyone at NASSA wants to help shooters of all skill levels achieve their goals, even if those goals are to someday win Olympic gold!

Lending A Hand

In years past, when an athelete was selected to compete at the national level, a national organization covered most of the expenses. Now, as funds become more restricted, the shooting community must come together to aid our young athletes. We at NASSA understand what parents and athletes go through to support an Olympic hopeful, and our hope is to help an athelete in any way possible. In addition, we will offer financial aid to NASSA members, coaches and other qualified shooting athletes on a case-by-case basis, provided necessary parameters are met (i.e. NCAA rules, Match rules, Tax rules).


NASSA supports its athletes with the following services:*
  • Competitions
  • The "Compass" Newsletter
  • The Shooter's Assistance Fund
  • Electronic Communication
  • Fund Raising
  • Club Development

*Only those with NASSA Membership can use all of the provided services.


The competition division is responsible for maintaining match rules and scoring targets for any NASSA competition. We built NASSA to accept any shooting organization's application to shoot in any NASSA postal match. NASSA membership is not required for an individual, club, organization or association to compete in a postal match; However, membership is encouraged so that competitiors may benefit from NASSA's other 'members only' services.


Formal matches will be the sole responsibility of its sponsor or host. We at NASSA believe that we all must pull together and maximize our efforts to keep competitive shooting alive and well. Therefore, NASSA will try to support and help in any way that it can to ensure the success of any Formal Competitive Shooting Match. NASSA wants to be on record as saying, "We want to be an active and participating entity in the world of shooting and wish to ensure the viability of all competitive shooting sports." If we - the competitive shooting community - unite to form a concentrated effort to ensure the sport of competitive shooting, then the USA's international recognition anchors itself and begins to aggressively find ways to bring the "Gold" home.

Informal matches are the NASSA postal matches, club matches and tournaments that we conduct for the serious shooting competititor; however, they are designed for enjoyment and fun. Informal matches are basic and are built to stimulate the competitive shooting performance of each participant. NASSA strives to make our informal matches more efficient; please let us know if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments that you would like NASSA to consider.

The "Compass" Newsletter

NASSA designed its official monthly newsletter to keep our membership and others up to date on shooting-related items of interest. The Compass includes helpful shooting tips, advice, news and the results of our monthly postal match. Space is also provided in our newsletter for gratis and commissioned work, as well as items advertised "For Sale" and paid sponsor advertisements.

The Shooter's Assistance Fund

We will deposit all money that NASSA generates into the General Fund or the Shooters Assistance Fund (SAF). All expenditures will come out of one of these funds. Since NASSA is registered with the Federal government as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, we need various accounts to properly track and audit financial transactions. NASSA must comply with the IRS code in order to retain our tax exempt status. One of NASSA's goals is to build funds to help offset some of our young shooters' major costs when on the field of competition.

On November 8, 1995, NASSA became a nonprofit Corporation. In December of 1995, NASSA applied for tax exempt status under the amateur sports act. The IRS granted 501 (c)(3) status on June 13, 1996 qualifying donations to NASSA to be tax deductible. We need all the help we can get to keep our shooters on the path to "Olympic Gold."

Electronic Communication


Presently we have equipped the corporate headquarters and the Statistical Office with fax machines and computers on dedicated telephone lines.


In today's information age, people may have access to several on-line services. We will soon link all NASSA offices to one or more online services and the internet. Look to the the "Compass" and this web site for up to date information on all of the services used by NASSA.

Direct Connect

Direct connect will consist of several layers. The most basic will be to access the NASSA Web page. The next higher is to use an online service to submit a pre-composed article for the Compass. This saves the NASSA staff time by not having to retype the article. The highest level of access will allow executive staff members to connect directly to each other's computers to transfer information much quicker than by conventional methods. This gives the NASSA staff members instant access to the most current information, and the ability to relay any information to all Sector Directors who then can pass it on.

Fund Raising


NASSA Membership is $50.00 per year. Lifetime Membership is available for a one-time fee of $240.00. Family dues are $75.00 per year for up to five members. Family Lifetime membership is also available for a one-time fee of $500.00.


This is a trading system where anyone can take out an ad in the "Compass" to sell something. Occasionally, NASSA may come across items relevant to the membership; these items may then be purchased by NASSA and then advertised in the Compass.

Club Development

NASSA has pledged itself to helping Shooting Clubs become a positive influence in the pursuit of self-esteem in today's youth. If we can save just one youth from aberrant behavior - assuming it would be safe - we as a group have succeeded as responsible adults. We must teach all motivated and interested young people firearm safety while instructing them in the responsible and proper use of a pistol, rifle, or shotgun. The design of the Club Development Program is to augment, not interfere with, an already established Junior Shooting Club. We are also available to help establish new clubs across the country. The NASSA program can and will help a new or older Junior Shooting Club become "Free Standing", that is financially independent. Example: USA Shooting's Junior shooting club in Colorado Springs has become incredibly strong by using the financial development techniques put forth by NASSA. We honestly believe any club can support itself, as has USA Shooting's Junior club, provided you carry out our Club Development Program. To have our Association aid in the establishing of Junior Shooting Clubs across America by specifically identifying junior shooting development, is a worthy endeavor by any standard.

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