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  National Athletes, Past & Present
Madeline Bradford Madeline Bradford
National Athlete
Nampa, Idaho

Madeleine Bradford of Nampa, Idaho, started her shooting career at the age of three with her father Mike Bradford. By the age of seven she was running the shooting range for silhouette matches while her mom and dad competed. A coach, impressed by the youngster, asked her to attend an NRA Junior Olympic Pistol Camp later that year at the Nampa Rod & Gun Club.

Madeleine qualified for her first National Junior Olympic Camp at the age of ten, but was told she was too young and too little to participate, so her slot went one of her teammates. Bound and determined she would be shooting at the national level she qualified to go to the National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships at the age of eleven. Having a point to prove, she won third place, sub-junior category, resulting in being invited to the national camp that fall which was coached by Ralph Talbot.

Coach Ed Wong and Madeleine go way back. Madeleine has attended all seven National Pistol Camps that Ed Wong has coached at the US Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado. While training with Coach Wong, Madeleine learned a lot about both shooting and life. It was at Coach Wong's first camp that she received her beloved nickname "MM" for Mighty Midget, which she still uses to this day. It was at his second camp that she stopped growing vertically (long story). MM was asked to be Coach Wong's assistant coach at a camp in Blackfoot, Idaho, which was the start of the Quick Silver 4-H shooting program. Madeleine was also present when the idea of NASSA was born in Coach Wong's home. Her mom, Joanne Bradford, was NASSA's first treasurer and played an important role in developing the NASSA name and logo.

Madeleine has had a few shooting coaches over the years, but she credits the "Wong Way" of Coaching as the one that has always made her take the next step up in her shooting career. Without his persistence that the basics really do count and that less can be more (less firing and more "X and O" drills which always made the whole team sigh "do we really have to???" or .Why?.). Many shooters have come to respect the fact that the "Wong Way" of Coaching is the right way of coaching when trying to develop shooters that can compete not only at the national level, but also at the international level.

Madeleine has numerous shooting accomplishments under her belt, some of which include 13 back to back Idaho State Pistol Champion titles, 10 trips to the National Junior Olympic Championships which all produced awards, and winning the first National Collegiate Woman's Air Pistol Trophy. Madeleine has returned to training and is planning on making the 2008 Olympic Pistol Team.

Madeleine and her sister Tessa (who is a decent shot herself) own Kickin' Ragz a custom sewing business that specializes in western and formal apparel. Madeleine has a degree in Office Management and is the Clinic Manager for Back 2 Backs, a national pain management center ( She is the head rifle and pistol coach for the Nampa Rod & Gun Club and International Shooting Director on the NRGC Board of Directors. Madeleine also volunteers her time for; Marsing Ambulance Service, BoiseStateStudentHealthCenter, Hunters Against Hunger and is a founding member of the North American Elk Federation.

Madeleine has a great love for the shooting sports, and is willing to answer any questions via email.

Jason Herndon Jason Herndon
National Athlete / Director of Venue - Rifle
Missoula, Montana

Jason Herndon started shooting rifle at the age of 10 at his home rifle club in Missoula, Montana. After a successful six years run, he won the Junior Olympic Rifle Championships for the State of Montana at age 16. The following year he started shooting air pistol and again won the Montana State JOPC. In 1995 he placed 8th at the USA Shooting National Championships and earned a spot on the Junior Men "All Star" Pistol Team. As a result, he was invited to join the Junior Olympic Pistol Team under direction of then Asst. National Pistol Coach Ed Wong. Jason later became Coach Wong's Asst/Athlete Coach at the Junior Olympic Pistol Camp, which was held July 1996, at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Jason shot on the above team until age 20 along side other "National Athletes" such as Jason Turner, Mike Douglass, Grant Saylor, Justin Barberi, John Bickar, Cody Maxwell, Tes Salb, Madeleine Bradford, Megan Wright and others, all of which were and are members of and the National Association of Shooting Sports Athletes (NASSA) Organization. Jason has continued with Rifle and never let this venue get far from his grasp. He has continued shooting both rifle and pistol, and for the last 5 years has been coaching junior rifle shooters back at his home club. He has produced 4 National Rifle Champions out of 5 state champions. Many of these athletes have placed 20th or higher at the "Nationals". Being a young coach he possess much energy, desire and dedication towards all shooting sports.

Jason has been a NASSA member since 1996 and very much in support of Coach Wong, his International Organization and the intentions of both. Beacuse of his competition experience, diligence, and attention to detail, Jason was invited to join the NASSA staff as our new 3P Rifle Venue Coach.

Jason is excited about becoming NASSA's 1st Rifle Venue Director and hopes to build a large interest in rifle postal matches.

Jason has been a life member of the NRA since 1990 and a Hellgate Civilian Rifle/Pistol Shooting member since 1985.

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