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NASSA hosts postal's monthly and Preliminary Tryout (PTO) Matches regularly.

Postal Matches


Sign up now to participate in our Postal Matches.

NASSA sponsors a monthly postal match program which is open to everyone - including non-NASSA members. These inexpensive matches will offer the best in training and competition by using many innovative computer techniques which will help you achieve your shooting goals.

Participation in our postal matches will speed up your shooting development and efficiency by being able to pace and evaluate yourself through a regimented program. This program was designed to be inexpensive, while enhancing and maximizing your competitive shooting skills.


NASSA features coins from the Limited Native American Series as part of its awards program. These attractive pieces are minted from .999 pure silver with a gold border, each featuring a famous figure from Native American history. These special coins will be awarded to each month's match winner; all other medal winners will receive coins from the Liberty series.

Coin Front Coin Front
front back
Sample coin from the Native American series (shown approximate size).
Coin Back Coin Back
front back
Sample coin from the Liberty series (shown approximate size).
Program Cost Requires Includes Useful For
1 $5.00 Eight B-40 targets with 5 shots per target. Match & Award The athlete who needs little coaching and wants to shoot for score and awards only.
2 $7.50 Eight B-40 targets with 5 shots per target.

Two twenty-shot composite targets.

List of shot values as they occurred.
Match & Award

Shot Diagnostics & Posting
The athlete who wants some help.

Tracking (enlarge)

Shot Diagnostics & Posting helps the shooter identify bad shots, length of shot string, fatigue and concentration problems, etc.
3 $10.00 Eight B-40 targets with 5 shots per target.

Two twenty-shot composite targets.

List of shot values as they occurred.
Match & Award

Shot Diagnostics & Posting

Corrective Measures & Tracking
The athlete who wants the best competitive coaching has to offer.

Composite (enlarge)

This program involves complete target analysis with special attention given to correcting each shot. Trend analysis helps the shooter identify problems with fatigue, loss of concentration, etc. over the course of fire. Problem patterns will be pointed out, and a corrective plan of action will be suggested by our coaching staff.

Although all three programs are beneficial to your progress, Program 3 is by far the most useful. Do not short-change yourself by choosing the least expensive route. You must realize what is at stake, and what little time you have to reach your shooting goals. Remember: One of NASSA's goals is to get you noticed by one of NASSA's national coaches and USA Shooting (USAS). You can best achieve this by shooting good scores as often as you can. This will give a coach more time to work with you; the more time a coach has to work with you, the better the chances you have of becoming an Olympic athlete.

Extra Bonus

If you are a NASSA member, you may pay for your matches quarterly, semianually, or anually. This saves NASSA money, which allows us to pass the savings back to you. The pricing plan is as follows:

  • Program 1: (($5.00 x 3) - $2.00) / 3 = $4.33 x (no. of matches)
  • Program 2: (($7.50 x 3) - $2.00) / 3 = $6.83 x (no. of matches)
  • Program 3: (($10.00 x 3) - $2.00) / 3 = $9.33 x (no. of matches)

If you are not a NASSA member, you are missing out on essential membership benefits which will help your shooting. We encourage you to join NASSA now.

Rules And Procedures
  1. USA Shooting rules will apply.
  2. NASSA Postal "40 Shot Gallery" Matches have no age, gender or classification restrictions; and are open to all shooters.
  3. Athletes may use their own home range for "home field advantage".
  4. Each registered competitor must use NRA/USAS approved B-40 targets. Monthly Postal Targets and Composite Targets must be mailed or E-Mailed on or before the 15 of each month.
  5. Targets must be postmarked no later than the last day of the month. Tardiness may be disqualified without refund. Exception: If the last day of the month occurs on a Sunday, the targets may be post marked the following Monday. NASSA must be firm on this rule due to time, accounting and tax restrictions.
  6. In order to keep the computer match posting and NASSA Statistics Division current, monthly postal applications . including match fees . must be in at or before the month of competition
  7. New event: Sand Bag (SB) shooting will be allowed as a separate classification, which allows the match to be shot with the aid of artificial support. This new feature is designed for the beginning shooting athlete. Thus new classification will encourage new shooters to learn how much fun competitive shooting can be. They will also learn how, when and where hard work plus dedication can lead. SB shooting requires a coach and/or range officer to be present during this type of competition. This ensures shooter assistance and that proper safety measures are followed. Targets must be marked "SB" to indicate that this classification is being used.
  8. All match scores may be ranked from highest to lowest regardless of age, gender or classification (except Sand Bag shooters - they will be grouped separately.) Scores will be posted each month on NASSA.s Web Site:
  9. Awards: In an attempt to keep our Postal Awards Program fresh and innovative and to satisfy more of our athletes, NASSA has started the random awards program. This program consists of four systems (see below) which will be randomly alternated three times a year.
    • Winner: Male + Winner: Female
    • 1st / 2nd / 3rd place winners medals, each fifth place after will receive an award certificate.
    • Junior Category: Male, Female and Sandbag shooters will receive medals*
    • "Five-by" system: Match winner and each fifth place winner receives a medal* (i.e. 1, 5, 10, etc.).
    *Medals are proof coins made of one troy ounce of .999 pure silver.
  10. Critique Programs 2 and 3 will use Composite Targets. A composite target will be used behind 20 shots and another composite target for the next 20 shots, pending the ability of the athlete.
  11. To allow for shot diagnostics and posting of Programs 2 and 3, each shot must be recorded in the order of fire on each of the 8 record targets.
  12. To receive an Official Invitation to the NASSA Nat'l Tournament each competitor must have fired and paid for a minimum of 9 postal matches, completed prior to Nov. 15, 2004.
  13. "Make-Up" Postal matches are allowed in an effort to keep current. However, are not allowed to participate in the "Month Of" medal competition, preventing "Salting" of scores for medaling.

Preliminary Tryouts (PTO)


NASSA hosts quarterly 10m Air Pistol and Air Rifle matches. The matches are USA Shooting-approved and are hosted at in the Air Gun range at the Dallas Pistol Club in Carrolton, Texas.

The upcoming match dates are:
  • December 4, 2004
  • March 5, 2005
  • June 11, 2005

The cost is $13 for juniors, $19 for adults. Anyone is eligible to shoot in the match, but to have your scores forwarded to USA Shooting, you must be a USA Shooting member. Memberships are available at the matches. Annual USA Shooting memberships are $25 per year. The matches start at 9am. Please arrive 30 minutes early for equipment check and registration.


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